"Disrupt them!"   
                      - Maxine Greene
    “Being a reflexive practitioner is not easy.         It requires the willingness to embrace             defeat, to recognize the need for growth       and help, and to listen to and accept new       ideas.”
                   - Katie Dawson and Daniel Kelin

My Teaching is built upon the rigorous and humbling process of reflexive praxis. I approach each moment of facilitation as an opportunity to explore possibilities with participants, to ask questions and to seek answers in pursuit of evolving understandings. I pose the tenants of my Teaching Philosophy as questions that guide my lifelong practice:

  • How can I co-create learning environments with young people and communities that empower them to claim and apply their expertise in real-world contexts?
  • How can my teaching practice be adaptable and responsive to the wisdom of my participant-collaborators?
  • How do I model empathy, compassion and authenticity?
  • How do I ethically identify and actively decenter my power and privilege to foster just and equitable learning environments?
  • How can I use my teaching practice to advocate for the arts in schools and communities?

May I forever seek but never find the answers.